23 Ekim 2015 Cuma

TB needed

Monterey, 2015
No matter how much I complained in the last few weeks of travelling a lot, I still find myself looking for places to explore. The only problem is, it is not fun when you are doing this alone. It is not fun if you don't have a friend with you to share your silent screams or your ice-cream. It is not fun if you don't have someone to steal from his coffee and if your someone is not stealing form your rainbow cake. 

Caerlaverock Castle, 2011
When I travel for conferences, it is mostly ok because there will be colleagues to give some level of company. But when I want to explore the chateaus of France or spend the new year's eve in Sydney... being by myself is a bit sad. It is also sad that most of my best friends would need to do too much paperwork to come over and visit me or to meet somewhere in the middle. 

As now I am sure that the real source of my back pain is totally psychological, I don't think there is any obstacle for me for travelling. So should I really find a way to be in Santa Barbara at the beginning of November despite I will be all by myself (in a conference), or should I take some rest and plan for the new year's eve? I think the real question is, should I force myself to learn how to enjoy the world by myself or should I better find a good travel buddy? 

I think I will do the second. Whenever I tried to change my core, it never worked, and moreover  I felt like
I was betraying myself. Hence I don't want to change my 'I like to share every f.cking happiness in my life' attitude with 'I don't need others to enjoy the life' approach. Because I need others. I need my people to enjoy the life. To be honest, I need my people to bear the life. I can survive with no money and tiny bit of food, as long as I have my people around me. 

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, 2015
So... yes, I better find a good travel buddy! Preferably someone whom I don't have to pull all the time, who can take some initiative, adventurous, fun, open minded, optimistic and still goes after responsible decisions and also likes photography. Uh... I want too much?

Travel buddy - (Mongolia, 2014)

22 Ekim 2015 Perşembe


My new habit: writing tons and saving as a draft.

I don't know if this is because I am afraid of something or I simply don't want to fill this space with junk.

20 Ekim 2015 Salı

'Why do you believe what you believe'

Facing the truth is one of the toughest things in life. Despite there are times that you have no other option than accepting it, it mostly comes with the fact that you should act to change the situation or you should change your act once you accept the situation. Changing and acting are two things that kick you away from your comfort zone. And that's the reason why most of the times people stay in a job which they don't like, keep their relation despite they know it is chronic, don't exercise even if they are told by the doctor or whatever you can imagine.
Sometimes we do our best not to face the fact. Keep ourselves 24 hours busy; so busy that not even a minute of rest is given just in case the mind wanders to the forbidden... Imagine a life like that. Can you imagine a life like that? Literally non-stop life! When people hang out with you, they keep saying "I can't believe how many tasks I have accomplished today!". When people see your travel schedule, they say "You are never tired?!". When people learn how many hobbies you have, they say "When do you do all these things?". When people realise you don't stop, they say "you are full of energy!". They don't know you can not afford to stop. Even if you tell, they don't believe. Anyway people believe only what they want to believe; even if you tell them the truth as plain as possible...