17 Haziran 2016 Cuma

Board game night and UEFA 2016 EURO

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the dream world of your witch. It is not very common to find her dreaming, yet here we caught the chance this time.

After spending a day at work, maybe staying an extra couple of hours to finish the little stuff that has been put off all week, finally she takes the bus (car would be preferred but she is being as least demanding as possible) and reaches home. Enjoys herself half a glass of rose while playing with her cats on the couch for 15 mins, then takes a quick shower, gets ready and leaves for the dinner to meet him.

By the time she is out of the house, he is about to arrive to pick her by his car (it is the best if at least one of them has a car, because you know, at weekends, they would like to drive around; some time after midnight randomly they may want to go for a drive and have an ice cream and sing in the car...). They go to one of the casual places in town, have a simple dinner while catching up and then head to the game cafe to meet with others. She usually likes to host the friends but today is a day to spend out because both of them were very messy through the whole week and they don't want to stress out for cleaning up and all. They spend a nice night at the board game cafe until the place shuts down, and then they all (or most of them) go to a place for some midnight snacks and drinking.

With the good company, food and drinks, both are happily elevated... so much that when they remember it is the day of match for the team which they support, they ignore the mess in the house and invite the core group of friends to watch the game at their place all together, with the drinks and some popcorn. By the time they arrive home, the game has already started; friends turn on the TV and sat, she quickly brings some drinks, he goes and makes some pop corn enough for everyone and they watch the game with jokes and all the silly fun that can possibly happen. As usual, cats are freaked out by other people and hiding at their corners.

When the game is over it is 6am... some prefers to go home, some are ok to sleep on the couch. They all ooze until noon next day. Whoever gets up at first, tidies up the mess a little bit and makes enough noise to wake up the others. Breakfast is prepared all together, and a nice big table is set for all.

Well... the dream may go on... but as further as it goes it becomes more and more impossible. Despite she knows she can be happy and can have this life in any country, as long as she has the job she likes and the guy she loves... hence she is ready to move anywhere on Earth... these days seem very far and unreachable right now... but we may never know what life is preparing for her... fingers crossed, right? ;)

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