19 Haziran 2016 Pazar

Over the rainbow

Everyone wants some certain things from life. I want to be happy. Whenever I want something so bad to pray for, I always pray it to happen if there is any good in it. And there are some stuff i don't even dare to pray for it... because asking for it, means there is a possibility for it to happen, and this raises my expectations from nothing to something, and i don't like to give myself (or others) any false hope.

Sometimes... when you are least expecting... one of those things that you don't dare to dream... happens to appear in front of you. You don't know what to do at first. Then you get suspicious of its reality; later you don't believe that it is happening... but it happens... you see it, feel it, touch it, smell it sometimes... you have all the proofs of it being real... and you start to believe in it. As usual with everything in life, it also has some pros and cons, some dangers and conveniences, some costs and some interest... despite you see all of these, you find a great power in you, you feel that you can tackle all the obstacles, cons, costs and dangers... after some time, this unimaginable dream becomes a part of your daily life.  You get accustomed to its existence and in time you start to see the problems too. Just like in the story of a man holding a glass of water getting tired and weak after such time that despite all he is doing was to hold a glass of water, he eventually collapses... you start to feel fed up with the tiny but persisting problems despite you have an amazing dream coming true...

What if one day comes and knowing those little problems will stay for months and years makes you so tired that you have to give up on what you found in your hands with your own will? in order to be able to stay better in shape and to be able to keep fighting with life?

The weigh of being defeated by life and giving up on your dreams that you cant even dare to dream... is heavy. I hope you will never have to to that.

Music: Ibrahim Maalouf - Beirut
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