13 Ekim 2016 Perşembe

Games? No, thank you.

I am never a gamer when it comes to relationships. But sadly, some people are. They even like it so much that when you play your cards open, when you show you like them, they immediately loose their interest in you. This may sound arrogant but I feel sad for those people because I think they can never have a 100% honest relationship, 100% trust, 100% openness in their lives, ever. The moment they get it, they would loose it. 

I want my parter to know everything about me and everything in my mind; and vice versa. I want to feel so comfortable as if I live in his mind. But how can you have such a comfort if you have to play games all the time, if you have to keep some level of mysticism, if you have to stay unreachable? I want my partner to know that I am available for him at every f.cking moment and I expect him to appreciate and cherish this, instead of considering me as someone under his disposal. Surely I may have my own plans and priorities, but if he needs or wants, most of them are open for a change, because I care for him and I enjoy spending my time with him and I want to make him happy. So what part of this is too easy? Can you really think everyone is ready to make you one of their priorities and you can spare people who are open for that? If you really think so, sorry for the spoiler my friend, but you are dumb!


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