30 Ekim 2008 Perşembe


My hands are shivering and I am not able to talk and as i see now, i also cant type properly! This is the situation when i generally start to destroy some stuff. he's really lucky by not being here now!

Why does a person keep calling, writing and sending messages to you even if you tell all these are making you more and more angry. How can a person be so raw and rustic and servile? what is the sense of pushing someone to react? If the one reacts even in an un-nicely way, is this your victory that you made her move without her own willing? What the hell are all these?

If i get angry, everybody in my life knows that, noone should touch me till i calm down. otherwise my anger gets bigger bigger bigger and bigger and this happens! This, what i'm having now! I can really and simply kill the one now, without any hesitation! why is it so hard to keep your silence when you have a fault? how can there be some people who are not ashamed and sorry but brave when they make a mistake?

Even i try to understand everybody in thelife and even i can understand such silly people, this doesn't mean i can accept. I can understand that you are silly, stupid, idiotic but understanding doesn't make it acceptable and doesn't hinder me from getting angry.

If you dont want to loose something, then you should behave... If someone tells you what not to do, and if you keep doing that, then when you loose that person, you are not allowed to complain about it! That's so simple!

I'm extremely easy to score but hard to keep.. sorry.. you should have been much more careful! I have told this to all of you!

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  1. Uffff!! Amma esip gürlemişsin be kanka!
    Kızgınlığına hakim olmaktır "insan"ı sevmek.
    Ve herkes hata yapar evet ahmaklar hatada ısrar eder ama ahmakların bile insan olduğunu düşünmek gerek. Kimsenin kimseyi acıtma hakkı olmamalı diyorum. Kendini acıtanları bile. Ben canımı sıkanlara bir daha bu fırsatı vermemek için karşılaşmama beni görmeme cezası veriyorum daha hafif geliyor, yük olmuyor. Tavsiye ederim.
    Yaradılanı severiz yaradandan ötürü.

  2. A be cierimin köşesi, ben de öyle yapmak istiyorum ama ne mümkün işte ne mümkün! sabır sabır ya sabır...


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