7 Kasım 2008 Cuma


Nowadays i'm trying to organize myself.

First of all i started to study Cosmology and it's going fine...

Yesterday morning i talked to Maria about my thesis and she wants me to join her new project in VLBI and also wants me to do the observations. Surely I was screaming when i heard of it. But i'm trying to stay calm till we sign the contract. We'll go to the director of MPIfR this Thursday.

Again yesterday, even i tried not to, i bought a nice book; "Speeches that changed the world". I also found The Shock Doctrine but didn't buy yet. I'm thinking to order from amazon.de.

After i had my morning jogging this morning, we had a nice brunch together with Elena and now i should run to catch the bus!

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  1. may you also give us some hints about the speakers?
    not the 100 of them but at least the 99.. :))))

  2. Bu yorum bir blog yöneticisi tarafından kaldırıldı.


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