5 Kasım 2008 Çarşamba

Viva Chavez!

Obama won the election! So what?

Some of my friends think that will end the wars on the earth and USA will be a more peaceful power. I hardly think so. Actually what i think is... Nothing will change except some details or gestures but we(not American people but the rest of the world) will be more sad... Why more sad? For example, if any of your friends forget your birthday, how would you feel? Surely sad. But what if your best friend forgets? Surely it hurts more. The situation is very similar as we(the rest of the world) are so hopeful about Obama, we will be more sad when we realize he is also not so different from McCain or Bush etc.
It's said that, Obama's success means a lot, changes a lot. Actually i think Chavez's success was&is mean more but unfortunately there weren't any people interested in.

I don't think a new USA president will change a lot but new presidents against USA really changes a lot! Remember the time Chavez called Bush the devil..remember the problems of USA about the petrol...Russian support to Venezuella against USA...Chavez's invitation all countries against USA...

Instead of congratulating Obama, I still want to remind people that there is Venezuela, there is Chavez and there are the people dying because of USA and believe me, this will not change because of the new president. Attacks and wars may have a short break as it will take some time to recover the new parliament etc. and we(the rest of the world) may also won't hear so much war news any more due to a simple bargain with press... Don't you remember the thoughts of USA people about the invasion of Iraq? Most of them didn't have any idea what was going on, what were their army & their solders doing in Iraq as none of the TV's were showing any reality in USA... Just the same thing had happened during the elections in Venezuela press against Chavez, but he still managed!

More details?
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* Read some more from Ece: Biz Burada Devrim Yapıyoruz Sinyorita!
* http://www.milliyet.com.tr/2006/03/14/pazar/paz05.html
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  1. ???? Confused!!!!!!
    hakkkattteeen ne alakaaa????
    to do list o kadar doluyken, sen delisin ayrıca.

  2. Obama won't change anything. If you wanna see someone can change something, then you should look at Chavez, my dear.


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