21 Şubat 2014 Cuma

Never enough!

After I discovered the joy of playing with paper and all those crafty things, I couldn't take myself of going into the deeper. The more techniques I discovered, the better and patient I became. What do you say?

On the other hand, UK has very good support for such hobbies. Especially the magazines such as Papercraft Inspirations and Card Making, and their lovely gifts such as stamp sets and papers, took me into this new world. Can you believe that you are getting such a set for free?!

Yes, OK, you pay for the magazine but those magazines are your source of inspiration, and sometime you even learn new techniques from them! Surely this is valid basically when you have an awful internet connection and can not surf on Pinterest!

So my little craft workshop started to expand; especially when I found myself in USA totally alone with my credit card! Ah please look at these...

Surely my credit card was totally full on the way back home! But I wasn't aware that right afterwards I would go to the heaven of papers; Belgium! At the beginning I was very happy to have a good use of all the nice papers I have bought from S. Korea but they weren't enough! It never is!

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  1. Gözlerim açık bir şekilde fotoğrafa bakıyorum...

    I loved them all, we are really have the same personality my love :*

    1. Ahh ah... gel sen ne çektiğimi bir de bana sor! =) İnşallah Kore'ye gidersem seni kırtasiye manyağı yapıcam! ;)


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