21 Şubat 2014 Cuma

Recycled New Year Cards

When I was writing the previous [pst, I couldn't find the photos of the really recycled cards I have made. So this morning I had very quick shots for you. Here they are:

All you need is to find a coordinated coloured paper and glue this cute card front.

Surely not most of you are living under such landlords, so let's say you get a nice christmas/new year/birthday card from someone you don't like. But the card is nice. So here is a nice way to still enjoy it; cut it into nice little pieces and use them to make a new card =)

These little ones are in size of only 4"x4". I cut them from the backs of the cards; yes, you can use even tiny images!

As you see above, it might be good if you can add some nice coloured or even patterned paper. But it is very obvious that I wasn't very neat on my glue work as it has spilled everywhere and I didn't know how to clean it in those times.

In time, I got some nice ribbons, a bit of glitter and my mind started to think in a way to find use of anything seems cute, just like wrapping paper! 


These little cute bears are actually cut from a gift wrapper. I know it might be a pain to find some nice images, especially if you are not fan of printing. So I strongly advise you to give a chance to the gift wraps. 

And a bit more detailed ones: 

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