9 Aralık 2015 Çarşamba

Not fast

Staring at the ceiling in the dark
Same old empty feeling in your heart
Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast...

It actually doesn't go 'so' fast but it goes 'deep'. A tiny bit of it goes away at each time your heart is broken, another tiny bit is gone when s/he doesn't try to understand you. Some bits go when s/he prejudges, and some bits go when s/he doesn't respect. A big part goes silently, when s/he plays games, another big part goes when you feel you are taken granted. Love doesn't go fast, but it goes deep and silent.

That's why people are confused when I end up any kind of a relation as sharp as a knife, and all of a sudden. It seems all of a sudden and I seem cold and heartless with no tear. Surely these people don't know how the tears have gone before, sometimes wet on the cheeks, sometimes pain in the heart. 

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