30 Ağustos 2015 Pazar

Be good

He asked and I told. The more I told, the more confused he was. Finally he said "This is unnecessary goodness!" and I smiled. I know, I am 'unnecessarily' good. I also know this is difficult for people to understand. Actually it is very simple; if a goodness doesn't hurt/harm me, I do it.

I don't know him even for half a year, but I told him when he asked. The more he asked, the more I told; and he was surprised that I told him so much. He didn't say but I know he thought 'this much trust is dangerous'. I trust people and this is difficult for them to understand. Actually very simple; as long as I know that I can survive a betrayal, I take the risk of trusting. Surely there are times people feint me but that's how I learn people and that's how I learn how to read people. And also, I am good at surviving!

Let's make a scale of trust from 0 to 10. Majority of the people start their relation with a new person with zero trust. First few decimals of trust is gained by appearance, the next few by the accent and a few more crumbs of trust via the job you have and the content of your talk, etc. Then, in time, people develop a sense of trust of each other and say "I trust her" -  I don't know how they do this exactly: maybe if they are taken care when they were in need or a favor is done when it is asked. Well, things are different for me, you already know this by now. I give my whole trust in advance to every new person I meet. First few decimals might be lost by appearance, the next few by the accent, and a few more crumbs of trust via the job you have and the content of your talk, your choices in life and your perception/approach. Then, in time, I may say that "I don't trust this person". Meanwhile, it is possible that I get sad a few times, I may even cry, but that's ok. Because only this way I know that I am being fair and I am doing my best to see the best in the other person. Mostly, people are very surprised to see that you trust them and I think you might find this even more interesting that the majority of the people don't betray you if you show them that you trust! I am also on the side of  'giving a second chance'. Because I believe people may learn. Not change, but learn; and experience is the best way to learn something.

I know these are risky, but what isn't?

It has been a while since I have failed on reading people. So long that I don't remember when was the last time. I think this happens when you trust people, and if you are brave and strong enough to take the risks. You learn and you collect good people in your life. I know I am lucky in that sense - maybe I shouldn't call this luck as I actually earned it by many failures, especially at the beginning of the road- yet in these days I am feeling very unlucky that all of 'my' people are damn far from me right now. Well, this means... it is time to uncover some of 'my kinda people' at this time zone of the world! Challenge? Already accepted!

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