30 Ağustos 2015 Pazar


I feel just like the days when I first started to write this blog 7 years ago. It was the first time I met with loneliness despite I am a single child. In a new room, new city, new country, new time zone and a new continent. Loneliness was there with me by its all meanings. Now, again I am alone but this time I prefer to say that 'I'm with myself', rather than 'alone'.

The more I stay with myself, the more I write. The more I write, the clearer gets my mind. I still don't publish everything I write. But it still lets things go off my mind. As I write, I feel like a river being fed with rain. I feel like the smell after rain. I sometimes feel lost within the dark clouds, but I know rainbow is somewhere. And some where over the rainbow, the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true... 

how strange it is that I am finally living my dream which I dared to dream when I was on the other side of the rainbow... all by myself.

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