25 Ekim 2008 Cumartesi

Daylight Saving Time

Tonight it's time to have a time travel! We'll all travel one hour to the past and save daylight somehow.Besides having sunlight in the mornings when we go for jogging instead of street lights, there are some records that daylight saving can cause a switch in birth order and can create legal loopholes.* Funny, isn't it? Turkiye didn't have any problems on increasing the age of a young boy to be able to execute, but somewhere else on the world, there are some laws fighting against an hour...

This image shows the times of sunrise and sunset in Greenwich for 2007. I think this is a nice material to understand the daylight saving time better:
What are the situations I also fight against an hour?

- Absolutely the time I'm going back to Turkiye... Not an hour but even a five-min. delay at my flight is enough to make me insane
- When I wait for a letter or postcard from anyone I love
- When I wait my mom to come back to home
- When I wake up at 5 in the morning for a meeting at 11. Especially at these situations, time is really stubborn not to flow

Of course, there are some more situations make me crazy when time doesn't flow, but these are the ones I count spontaneously...

And there are also sometimes I'd like to go backward for an hour:
- Right after an unsuccessful oratory exam, as I generally score an own goal...
- At the time I say good-bye to my lover, right after he/I take the bus/plane whatever..
- When I wake up =) I nearly always wanna sleep more and more as long as I don't have something making me excited.
- The minute I should get in the proffessor's office for an exam, as I nearly always have some more stuff to read.

Apart from all these, I personally doesn't have any idea if this daylight saving time has a realy efficiency on energy saving etc. But if you are interested, surely wikipedia has lots of information about this.

I also want to share some different ring-clock designs:

And here are my favorite swatch's:
* http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html

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